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05 Sep 2018

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PC Matic Not Working

PC Matic is known as security provider to your computer system with its unique white-list technology. To enhance your personal computer, there is no other tool that can compete with PC Matic. However, sometimes users complain that when they run certain program in their computer, then the PC Matic stops working or why PC Matic stopped responding?

PC Matic wills not Open or PC Matic Not Working

If these issues are not handled on time then, it might escalate to grave circumstance like frequent freezing of computer, crashing of programs, scanning not completed, etc. These situations can make your computer prone to the attacks that can dangerously harm your device. In this post, we’ll talk about the reasons and solutions to why PC Matic stopped responding.

How to Fix the “PC Matic Not Responding” Issue

Do not know what to do when this message appears on your computer screen? Well, as there are some things you can do to solve this problem do not worry. What to do here to get rid of this message

·         Make sure that Java-Script is enabled.

·         Disable the background applications, firewall programs, threads as these can corrupt the scripts and manipulate the files used by PC Matic leading to malfunction.

·         To run the test, you should put the Internet Explorer security as the “medium security zone” to check the problems with the tool.

·         If your window crashes that means your video drives are somehow corrupted and not working properly. You need to go to the control panel -> performance and then click on the graphics button and move the acceleration slider to the extreme left.

·         Restart your PC to let the setting work.

·         Run the Active X Control Removal tool and uninstall the PC Matic tool. Now install it again and check if the message still appears while opening a file/program.

·         Try Running PC Matic in compatibility mode if it stops working in windows 8/10.

How to run PC Matic in Compatibility mode

If your PC matic not working, then follow these steps

·         Download the PC Matic setup file from its official website.

·         Now right-click the driver setup file and then click on the “properties” tab.

·         Click on the ‘compatibility’ tab and put a check on the box ‘Run this program in compatibility mode for’ and select the OS from the drop down menu.

·         Move ahead with the installation. Now, restart the computer and check if the issue persists.

You can also get help for any trouble via PC Matic Technical support. They are highly capable to provide appropriate assistance to their valuable users in no time. So, without any hesitations just dial PC Matic customer service phone number and get rid of PC Matic issues.


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