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30 Dec 2018

In this article, we will be looking on steps to AOL Mail login and AOL Mail sign up. In which case, the processes allow you create an AOL account (AOL Sign Up) and then be able to send and access received mails in your inbox through the process of AOL Mail login.

Creating AOL account gives you access to web-based email and varieties of online news, locally and internationally, while feeding you with entertainments, lifestyle, games, reports and much more contents.

Because you have to create an account or Sign up first before you make subsequent AOL Mail login, we will be discussing the steps to creating account (AOL email sign up) first, before AOL mail login or (Sign in process)

Thus, let’s get started without wasting time!

Sum Easy Steps To AOL Sign Up

Step1. Visit

Step2. Click on the “mail icon” (The Envelope) at the top right hand side (or “Mail” in category at the left corner) of the homepage.

Step3. Click on “Get a free Username”. It is below the Sign In button.

Step4. Enter your name.

You are required to enter your first name and last name. The name you enter is what displays to your mail recipient as the Sender.

Step5. Create a Username

Here is the name you’ll use to log in to your AOL Account. This is your email address which you’ll give anyone who you intend to receive mail from. And it must be unique.

Step6. Enter a password

In the field provided, enter a preferred password. Your password should be something that you can always remember but should be hard for other person to guess. To make your password strong, combine alphabets, numbers and symbols. And your password should be kept secret.

Step7. Enter your date of birth

In selecting your birth details, use the drop-down menu to select month, then the date and the year.

N|B: You must be at least 13 years of age to create AOL account.

Step8. Select your Gender

Select from the drop-down, whether you are male or female.

Step9. Enter your Zip (Postal) code

This is usually required to determine your general location as to serve you weather and local stories on your homepage.

Step10. Select a security question.

Click the drop-down menu to select a security question. And then answer to the question in the next box just below. Your security question is usually used to help you, should you ever desire to reset your password.

Step11. Enter your mobile number

Your phone number could be used to help verify your identity should you ever difficulties with your account.

Step12. Enter an Alternate email address

Here you enter another email address to which you can receive mails on instructions and notifications regarding your AOL Account in case need be.

Step13. Enter the number and figure you can see in the enclosed box. Enter them in the next field provided just below. This is to verify you are not a robot.

Step14. Click “Sign Up”

Your AOL Account is instantly created and you’re signed in to AOL.

Now you have succeeded in creating AOL mail account! And as a newbie, the question now is, how do you make subsequent AOL mail login into your newly created AOL account?

The simple steps below will guide you through AOL mail login process in order to access your mail box and perform other necessary mail activities.

AOL sign up phone number For Instant support

AOL account refers to AOL Mail account. AOL Mail gives its users the freedom to stay connected to their friends and family through a personalized mailing experience. Verizon provides the distribution of communication i.e. AOL mailing service. A web based AOL can define as an email service. Alternatively, the service can be sent as AIM mail. AIM is for immediate messenger. Help AOL com sign up is a one stop solution for all the problems arising in your AOL account. For any of your technical questions or assistance, we have given an AOL sign up phone number for AOL email support on our email homepage.


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